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    Hebei Chiral Chemistry and Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 
    Add: Room 2211, 136 Huanghe Road, High-tech Zone, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei, China
    Mobile: +86-15127158185;0086 18803313658
    Tel: +86-311-88632156
    Fax: +86-311-88632156
    Contact Person: Mr. Sun 
    E-mail: kailiang@kla-bio.com

    About us   

            Hebei Chiral Chemistry and Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was found in June 2014. It is a high-tech enterprise established by overseas returnees with PhD degree and high-quality researchers. Our company is mainly engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing high and new technology, high quality and green production technology in respect of biology, chemical engineering and pharmaceutical products.

            The core competence and advantage of our R&D technology are mainly reflected in the unique technology of industrialized production of chiral compounds, and in the application of different preparation processes and technology for the racemic compound and racemic conglomerate. Meanwhile we have unique research and achievements on resolution technology of chiral compounds and racemization technology of nontarget isomers. Moreover, Our R&D group has a deep research on the double bond construction methods and special configuration maintaining technology. Since its establishment, it has cooperated with numerous large biological, chemical, pharmaceutical companies and universities both at home and abroad, and it has provided several science products with market potential and advanced production techniques to companies.


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